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Short Message Service (SMS)

One simple and popular service offered in every GSM mobile phone is SMS (Short text Message Service). While SMS (Short Message Service). A text messaging service elicits the appeal of instantaneous communication by using mobile technology to send a text message to anyone anytime and anywhere.

Bulk SMS system has expanded that capability of SMS by implementing the ability to easily send multiple SMS messages to intended recipients with reliability. Short Message Service

The advantages of Bulk SMS can be applied in schools and universities to further develop classroom interactions and set up a virtual community as a public relations system. Lecturers can conduct mobile quizzes in many question forms with their students via SMS.

Moreover, Bulk SMS system provides an information service such as sending special announcements, news and interest information for lecturers, students and other related recipients.

In terms of academic information and public relations, the system retrieves student’s interest information, such as admission announcement, university’s news and events, enrollment information, internship opportunity and grade results, from the university’s e-service systems and distributes it to registered users.

One simple and popular service offered in every GSM mobile phone is SMS (Short text Message Service). SMS is raising the importance of instantaneous communication reaching every mobile user with inexpensive cost.

In fact, SMS can be packaged in Bulk for sending to multiple users at one time. The Bulk SMS system also gives a considerable discount and can be written-sent from a computer. With benefits of Bulk SMS Service”, we can apply this system to enhance educational communication.

In terms of education, the system can be applied to conduct a feedback system for a large class. Further more, it can be applied to send quizzes in forms of multiple choices, true/false, ranking and matching questions to multiple mobiles at one time.

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