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Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS Gateway Service

Bulk SMS Gateway is a powerful, flexible SMS Gateway application that enables the applications to send/receive SMS messages to mobile devices with your computer. It has an easy to use user interface and an excellent internal architecture.

The application can use a GSM mobile phone attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable or IP SMS technology to transmit and receive the messages. Message Server works on Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 2003 operating systems. Bulk SMS Gateway

Office users can use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Microsoft Excel to send hundreds of messages to their clients. The messages and the phone numbers are stored in Excel files and an Excel Macro initiates the sending process. (The excel macro is included in the software package.)

Software developers can integrate SMS messaging functionality into their applications very easily. For example, if an SMS message needs to be sent, it can be inserted into a database table used for outgoing messages.

The Message Server monitors this table and delivers the message. The Message Server puts all received SMS in another database table used for incoming messages. Of course, many other APIs are available in the software to support software development.

Our proposed system connects to Bulk SMS Gateway internally. When a user uses Messaging System, the Authentication is important. Without this Authentication, users are not able to send the message.

This Authentication is a Subscriber ID and Subscriber Password given by SMS gateway when the users register with them. The “SMS gateway” have given the sender ID e.g SMSala.

First, we have got sender ID. Using this sender ID, this SMS gateway is used for sending SMS to different mobile. In this, SMS can be composed. Here we can see sent messages on what time and on what date messages have to be sent.

We can see queued messages. We can add new contacts, edit contacts. We can add templates, view templates. We can manage the group. We can upload contacts

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